Joris Cabri, VP Sales, EMEA

Joris Cabri is Apex International’s Vice President of Sales for the Europe/Middle East/Africa region. His long experience in the flexo and offset coating markets at Apex enable Joris to offer specialized technical sales advise to Apex customers.

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Apex Delivers 3,000th GTT Anilox Coating Roll for Offset Market

By Joris Cabri, VP Sales, EMEA | Mar 12, 2021 3:13:53 PM

Milestone marks offset industry embrace of higher-quality, low-consumption coating rolls

HAPERT, the Netherlands — Apex International today announced delivery of its 3,000th GTT anilox coating roll to the global offset market. VOB Hardenberg, a renowned Dutch offset printer, received its “GTT-M” coating roll to better serve its customers with higher-quality in-line lacquer coatings — while enabling overall reduction in material consumption and changeover time. Apex’s GTT (Genetic Transfer Technology) anilox engravings employ an open-channel liquid-transfer geometry that improves liquid transfer mechanics better than its closed-cell anilox predecessors. 

“To put it simply the GTT roller delivers in production all the benefits that are promised,” notes Vincent Wellenberg, VOB Hardenberg’s Production Manager. “It doesn’t surprise VOB that Apex has delivered 3,000 offset GTT rolls.”

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