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Dan Pulling is the FlexoKITE Experience Center Manager

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FlexoKITE Launches 2021 Problem-Solving Webinar Series

By Dan Pulling | Jan 21, 2021 6:23:34 PM

Flexo Print Quality Challenges Top the List of 2021 How-to Webinars

HAPERT, the Netherlands — FlexoKITE, a collaboration of leading flexo industry manufacturers, eagerly announces a series of technical problem-solving webinars in 2021, beginning with a February 3 deep-dive into White Ink Opacity Challenges. FlexoKITE’s mission is to empower its global webinar audience to examine and solve real-world print problems converters are facing today. FlexoKITE’s mission is the promotion of flexo methods that reduce product waste and press downtime. 

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Apex International Launches FlexoKITE in the Netherlands and India

By Dan Pulling | Nov 6, 2020 4:32:11 PM

Leading Flexo Technology Suppliers Convene for Knowledge-Sharing and Live-Demo Collaboration

HAPERT, the Netherlands — Delivering a “New, Better Normal” to flexo users seeking insight into workflow mastery and print perfection is the mission of five industry leaders who’ve created FlexoKITE, an Experience Center where end-to-end product and procedural harmony is made practical. Packaging suppliers, brands, and retailers gain instant access to best practices in the full flexo print process via in-person demos and live webinars. Apex launched FlexoKITE with its partners to demonstrate state-of-the-art equipment at work — in real-time — from Experience Centers in the Netherlands and India. FlexoKITE runs a fully-equipped integrated workflow of the latest-version equipment from Apex International (anilox), BOBST (inline flexo press), DuPont (plate), ESKO (prepress), and MacDermid (plate).

“Knowledge, Innovation, Technology, and Exploration” (KITE) are the driving forces that unify these companies to deliver real-world technical content not limited to a single product area. FlexoKITE provides print converters and brands a comprehensive view of the entire plate-to-print process, focusing on the finished printed product. An optimum printed product is achieved through synchronizing the plate-imaging, plate-processing, anilox, and press — all under one roof, presented step-by-step, and delivered to your computer screen, or in-real-life as health regulations permit.

What is FlexoKITE?

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