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Three Competitive Advantages of a Global Anilox Manufacturer

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After centuries of economic and technological progress, the packaging and converting world is more connected than ever. Globalization has impacted all facets of our industry, fostering innovation and collaboration across borders for years. For converters operating in flexo, coating and embossing applications, you may find that working with a global manufacturer comes with many competitive advantages, not just for global converters, but for local converters as well.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 3 key advantages of working with a global anilox supplier, such as Apex International.

#1 Global Supply Network

When you work with a global anilox manufacturer, you work with a company that has strategic relationships throughout the world. Since 2020, the industry has been plagued with a volatile supply chain and raw material shortages. Fortunately, manufacturers with international locations, like Apex, can leverage their global supplier network and supply chain processes to obtain materials needed for production, faster. With pricing and quality standards previously established, global manufacturers can quickly source materials from other company locations or known suppliers. The extra cost to ship products across borders is minimal compared to the cost of production downtime due to delayed anilox shipments.

Global supplier relationships are a key competitive advantage of working with international anilox suppliers, like Apex International. Both global converters and local converters can benefit from the supplier relationships of an international manufacturer. When needs arise, Apex can access our full supplier network and global production facilities for needed materials and parts in the nick of time.

#2 Global Quality Standards

For converters operating multiple facilities around the world, quality standards across locations are imperative. It’s no secret that global clients expect the same print quality from country to country, however not all global anilox manufacturers hold themselves to high standards at each location. With other manufacturers, the rolls delivered to your France facility may not be the same quality roll your Brazil location receives, and vice versa. At Apex, we believe that should never happen.

Apex International maintains quality control standards across all 7 global production facilities. We conduct internal production audits, safety checks, materials testing and more to ensure each location is producing the precision anilox rolls converters rely on. Whether you’ve received your anilox roll from our Pennsylvania USA location or from our Netherlands headquarters, you can expect the same quality roll material and engraving precision you know and trust.

#3 Global Support & Service

Global products must come with global support. Is your anilox manufacturer operating in your time zone? Do they speak your language? Do they understand your local market and geographic challenges? To effectively upkeep your anilox roll inventory, it’s important to have local service technicians available for support and training. Language barriers and opposite time zones contribute to exhaustive service processes that are drawn out longer than necessary. As we know, time is money and when downtime occurs, a local technician is crucial to remaining profitable.

Apex International works with numerous local distributors that speak your language and know your locale. We have production facilities in The Netherlands, Italy, France, Brazil, India and the United States. From east to west, we have knowledgeable service technicians and local distributors ready to assist you, on time and on site.


Your Global Anilox Manufacturer

With 11,000+ clients located in over 110 countries, Apex International takes pride in being the world’s largest anilox manufacturer. Precision engravings, robust anilox materials and overall product quality are standard across all 7 global production sites to ensure ultimate roll performance. Since 1989, Apex International has been setting the standard in quality anilox rolls. Contact our team today to discuss your application goals and discover the advantage our global presence and quality products can make in your operations.