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The Importance of Embossing in Tissue Manufacturing

Have you ever admired the embossing pattern of your favorite toilet or kitchen paper? That small but mighty detail could be the reason you prefer one brand over another. Embossing patterns do far more than just beautify your favorite tissue paper products. The quality of your embossing plays a major role in tissue manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

As a global manufacturer of advanced embossing rollers for tissue paper, Apex International understands the impact embossing can have on manufacturing performance and product sales. In this blog, we’ll discuss the role of embossing in tissue manufacturing, what it does and why it is important.

What is Tissue Embossing?

Tissue embossing is a process that modifies the surface of tissue paper by using crafted embossing rollers to embossing rollcreate a raised and depress design throughout the roll. These embossed patterns change the 3D structure of the tissue paper and can improve (or decrease) resistance, absorption, strength and even softness of the final product.

Tissue manufacturers can emboss paper using one of two methods: Nested Embossing or Point to Point Embossing. Developed in the 1970s, the nested embossing method lines up the web in a “nested” configuration and is known to be a simpler, more forgiving application. This process remains the most popular among paper embossers and is often used for paper towel and toilet tissue manufacturing. The point-to-point (PTP) method, developed by Proctor & Gamble in the 60s, produces the most aesthetically pleasing and absorbing patterns, though requires more careful registration and synchronization of the embossing rollers for point-to-point alignment. Due to the registration requirements, embossers tend to favor the simplicity and consistency of nested embossing, though creates a lower quality embossed pattern.

Apex Embossing has innovated new pattern and roller technologies, along with embossing training and consulting, to help overcome the quality issues of nested embossing. But why does it matter? What role does embossing play in the final tissue product? Why invest in the embossing process? Let’s take a look…

Why Emboss Tissue Paper?

Tissue paper is embossed for a variety of aesthetic and functional purposes, though the quality of your embossing rollers can impact their design and/or function. Here’s some of the top reasons to emboss your tissue products:

Embossing Enhances Softness and Comfort. The raised pattern of embossed tissue can create a softer, gentler texture and help the tissue conform better to your skin or other surfaces.

TP rollEmbossing Increases Thickness and Absorbency. Whether it’s wiping up spills or drying your hands, embossed tissue has an added bulkiness making it thicker and more effective at absorbing liquids.

Embossing Helps Bond Layers in Multi-Ply Tissues. For multi-ply tissues, the layers can easily separate if not embossed. The embossing process uses pressure to apply the pattern which bonds the paper layers, helping them stay together throughout product use.

Embossing Improves Tissue Manufacturing Efficiency. Smart tissue manufacturers and brands know that embossing patterns can impact your tissue production line performance. Embossed patterns impact vibration, production speed, and wear and tear on machinery, positively or negatively depending on the pattern chosen.

Embossing Provides Visual Appeal and Brand Differentiation. In addition to the above functional benefits, embossing also helps differentiate your tissue product by establishing a unique or consistent embossing pattern for your brand. For example, Charmin toilet tissue has their logo embossed into it and is known for being ultrasoft. While Cottonelle tissue has their embossing pattern in straight lines to increase function and usability. Both are known for their specific style of embossing pattern and function.

All in all, the embossing pattern of a tissue isn’t just for looks. Embossing impacts the tissue texture, function, performance and even efficiency of your tissue manufacturing, for better or for worse. Choosing the right embossing roller partner can ensure your production is set up for the better.

Apex Embossing for Quality Tissue Manufacturing

Quality embossing fully optimized for tissue aesthetics and function needs quality embossing rollers. Apex Embossing has advanced embossing technology and years of design and manufacturing experience to help you Apex Embossing rollmeet your tissue manufacturing goals. With advanced, in-house manufacturing and a full-service, independent repro department, we’ll help optimize your embossing roller patterns for ultimate performance and profitability. Our global service is always ready and eager to support you, so rest assured with a full embossing roller solutions partner dedicated to your success. Contact the Apex Embossing team to discuss your unique operations and get started with quality embossing roller solutions today!

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