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The Apex Advantage in Rotogravure Printing

From flooring to wallpaper, rotogravure printing is a decorative print application that requires incredible precision at high speeds and long production runs. Though, extended quality at speed is no easy task, especially when you factor in the intricacies of the special recessed engravings found in rotogravure. It is the manufacturing quality of the roll and its engraving that will greatly impact your ability to achieve the level of quality that rotogravure is known for. For optimum performance and quality, you must choose your roll manufacturer wisely. Apex International is a global leader in roll and engraving technologies. There are several advantages to choosing Apex as your dedicated partner for precision rotogravure cylinders. In this blog, we will cover the main advantages of our manufacturing, technology and service that make us one of the most dedicated and innovative rotogravure roll manufacturers in the world.

Advanced, In-House Manufacturing Capabilities

Rotogravure printing is known for its incredible print capabilities. However, gravure print quality stems from the manufacturing quality of the gravure cylinder; Apex International excels in this department. With 100% in-house manufacturing capabilities, Apex has full control of the production process to achieve unmatched excellence in our rolls, whether it be a new cylinder or a re-engraved roll.Rotogravure

We have a wide variety of production technologies including custom engravers, high-definition lasers, milling machinery, polishing technology and more. Our wide range of equipment allow us to manufacture rolls up to 4.5 meters engraving length, with fast lead times and no third-party materials or service. Apex also owns multiple proofing presses to test engraving designs for optimal printing performance. Utilizing proprietary inspection equipment, Apex also has a thorough quality control process to ensure all cylinders are manufactured to the tightest OEM tolerances. If you are seeking a cylinder manufacturer that is capable and accountable, choose Apex International.

Full Service, Independent Repro Department

One of the biggest advantages of working with Apex International is our full service and independent repro departments. Free from brand interference or design security risks, the Apex repro departments are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to scan and develop your printing designs diligently. Customers can send materials in to be surveyed for design, depth, shape and more. Our team can then digitally recreate the design and calibrate it for precise cylinder engraving. Our repro experts are able to combine your printing design to an in-register embossing as well as to further enhance your end-product.

With decades of experience in a variety of industries combined with our advanced repro technologies, our in-house designers can achieve your ideal engraving design for flooring, wallpaper, gift wrap, textiles, automotive, security, technology and much more. Using our on-site proofing presses, Apex can also assist with cylinder testing and design updates to perfect your rolls for production. Apex International is proud to offer a direct link to our repro departments to streamline the decision-making process and speed up the design to production phase so you can get your rolls on printing presses faster than ever. With our scanning technology, proofing equipment, and technical knowledge, the design possibilities are endless with Apex International.Rotogravure2

Global Service & Support

With 7+ global manufacturing facilities, numerous skilled service technicians located around the world, full-service repro departments and our advanced service technologies, Apex International strives to foster true collaboration, innovation, and service in every interaction with customers. The Apex service team is available 24/7 for onsite and remote support, in your locale and your language. Our goal is to keep your printing presses running efficiently and profitably with the highest quality gravure cylinders coupled with experienced technical support when you need it most.

Apex International, through recent acquisitions, has the knowledge and capabilities to exceed your rotogravure printing cylinder goals. Our advanced, in-house manufacturing capabilities produce the highest quality rolls with minimal lead times. Our independent, full-service repro departments will collaborate with you to produce and proof your ideal cylinder engraving. And finally, our global service team will keep your printing presses running at top speeds with optimal roll performance for your most profitable operations. Ready to discover the competitive advantages Apex International can bring to your operations? Contact our team to discuss your goals and see the difference we can make in your rotogravure printing applications.


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